20 April 2012

Near collision of USAF KC135 and NATO E3 AWACS

Shortly after a NATO E3 AWACS connected to a USAF KC135 for refueling, the refueling boom is disconnected and the AWACS comes perilously close to hitting the KC135.

The USAF KC135 was from the combined 537/137 Air Refueling Wing of Tinker AFB near Oklahoma City, OK. It is not clear from the video where the NATO AWACS was based. If anyone has any information about this event, please contact us.

17 April 2012

The Flight of the Phoenix was a 1965 movie starring James Stewart, and featured the story of how after a transport aircraft crashes in the middle of the Sahara desert, the pilot (Stewart) and surviving passengers and crew built an aircraft out of the wreckage and used it to return to civilization.

During the filming of the movie, movie stunt pilot Paul Mantz was killed in a crash on July 8, 1965. The fatal flight was being filmed, and part of the footage that day did end up in the movie.

About the aircraft
The aircraft was custom designed for the movie Tallmantz Aviation. It was a flyable model that was used for some of the scenes for the movie.

Additional Information
Aero Vintage Books - The Last Flight of the Phoenix