10 June 2011

Iranian Air Force Ilyushin 76 breaks up in flight

22 September 2009; Iranian Air Force Ilyushin 76MD, 5-8208; near Varamin City, Iran:

The following video shows the view from the rear of an aircraft flying in formation with an F-4 Phantom. You can see the Il-76 tumbling out of control and experiencing an inflight breakup before crashing into the ground. All seven crew members on board the Il-76 were killed. At the time of the crash, the accident aircraft had been participating in the 2009 Sacred Defense air show in Tehran.

This Ilyushin 76, which had been fitted with radome and had been operated as an airborne warning and control (AWACS) aircraft, reportedly had some kind of engine malfunction and was maneuvering to land at Tehran-Mehrabad Airport. The radome detached and struck the tail fin, leading to the loss of control and inflight breakup.

Aircraft photo from the day before the crash

Iranian news report of the crash

Additional information at Uskowi on Iran

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