20 October 2007

Bird Ingestion and Crash of Military Jet

This 14 May 2004 accident occurred at the Canadian Forces base at Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and involved a Hawk jet aircraft assigned to the NATO Flying Training in Canada program. The instructor pilot had just taken control and as the aircraft approached the departure end of Runway 29R, a bird was observed just left of the nose. Both crewmembers heard a "thump", felt vibrations and noted a change in engine pitch, followed by indications of engine malfunction.

According to the Canadian Forces crash investigation, a gull hit the angle of attack probe, then entered the left hand engine intake and
was ingested by the engine, causing serious damage to the engine. The aircraft reached a maximum altitude of approximately 3700 MSL (1700 AGL). After the aircraft descended through 3000 MSL, the crew successfully ejected. One crewmember was seriously injured and the other received minor injuries. The aircraft was completely destroyed when it crashed about seven seconds later in a farmer's field.

Video from just before ingestion until aircraft impact

Additional information
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