20 October 2007

The Crash of United 232 in Sioux City

This excerpt from a documentary about the July 1989 crash of a United Airlines DC10 in Sioux City, Iowa uses a combination of footage of the crash, dramatic recreations, interviews with participants, and computer simulations to illustrate how the pilots were able to guide the aircraft to the airport after losing one engine, all hydraulic systems, and the use of all flight control systems. The crew maneuvered the aircraft to a crash landing at the Sioux City airport using differential thrust on the two remaining engines to control the aircraft. One of the 11 crew members and 110 of the 285 passengers were killed.

Other excerpts from the documentary goes into the prior safety history of the DC10, and also into the investigation and aftermath of the Sioux City event.

Visit AirSafe.com for a listing fatal events involving the DC10 where at least one passenger was killed.

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