19 October 2007

Citation Overrun at Atlantic City Municipal Airport (AIY)

According the the NTSB factual report of this 15 May 2005 event, the pilot landed the aircraft at Atlantic City Municipal airport (AIY) after a flight from Burnlington, VT (BTV). The landing airport was closed to jet traffic, the aircraft landed with a 10-knot tailwind, on a 2,948 foot runway, and with a landing weight that would have required a 3,000 foot runway in a no-wind situation. The aircraft overran the runway and ended up in the water. The pilot and three passengers were not seriously injured. Toward the end of the video, at least one engine spooled up and the aircraft was seen moving slowly through the water. Neither the factual report or the NTSB probable cause report mentioned this part of the event.

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